Friday, December 22, 2017

Week 38 Update & the Hospital Bag

Since this is likely my last post (ok definitely my last) before we meet the newest member of our family, I wanted to provide one more update about the last few weeks of my pregnancy.

First of all, I can't even believe I have made it to 38 weeks (as of tomorrow, December 23). Thinking about 9 months of pregnancy when we first found out we were expecting in May was simply unfathomable. I can't believe we have made it through almost 4 seasons waiting for this little baby to grow. And I can't believe that on a daily basis now, I am literally carrying around a full grown newborn inside of me. Am I the only one who finds that crazy? God is amazing and the fact that this baby has gone from pea size to now (according to my handy-dandy app) the size of WINTER MELON (how appropriate, but what even is a winter melon?) is nothing more than a miracle.

I am so unbelievably thankful for all that God has provided to us during this time (a supportive and loving family, my husband completing grad school just this month, health, anything we could need and want for this baby, etc) and know full well that it is only by His grace that we have any of it. As we enter Christmas weekend, I just sit here with a heart full of joy and gratitude for a Savior who sent His Son to be born and die on a cross so that we could be free and live eternally with Him. There are so many people dealing with so much right now- sickness, death, brokenness, job loss, etc- and trust me, my family has not been immune to this, but to think that we have a God who has promised that this life and these sufferings are only temporary and the future of eternity with our Lord is more than just a hope is enough of a reassurance for me to face another day. I hope that you find comfort in this as well.

Alright, now onto the real reason you visited this page today...

Month/Trimester: 38 weeks/9th month/third trimester...THE END.

Baby name: we have it all picked out, but don't want to share till he's here! 

Belly: I officially think that I had an early belly growth spurt and pop. I was showing early on but now I have definitely plateaud (probably not a word) and even though it is definitely large, many people comment that I don't look like I am at the end, while early on several people would tell me how big I was. This is my analysis anyways. If you think I am a large whale, don't comment :)

Symptoms: So as of December 12, which was my 36th week, I was diagnosed with Gestational Hypertension and advised to stop working. My blood pressures had been 130s/80s for the majority of my pregnancy and at one point, if you remember, it did shoot up past 140/90 at an office visit and I spent a short amount of time in the hospital maternity ER. It went back down but then increased again around week 35. I started seeing only physicians, rather than the midwives, as I was then deemed "high risk". I had two fetal growth scans which were both normal...actually, my kid was measuring in the 84th percentile already and at 35 weeks was already 7 lbs (GOOOOD), so there was definitely no concern for decreased fluid or blood flow to the baby causing him to be underdeveloped. When I saw the doctor on Dec 11, he advised that from that point on I stop working to keep my BP where it was and limit exertion, see him twice a week for checks and non stress tests, and plan for an early induction around week 38-39 unless the pressure gets worse in the interim. Staying home from work at this point was definitely not part of my "plan", as I wanted to be able to use my full 12 weeks of maternity leave AFTER he was here, but now that I am 1.75 weeks into being home, I am so grateful for my time to be able to rest and enjoy the quiet moments before our life changes forever! It has been worth it and I know that it has been best for me and for him. Each doctor visit and non stress test has been fine and I am officially going to be induced on Tuesday December 26th! It is not pre-eclampsia otherwise they would have brought me in ASAP.

Other than this, my hip pain isn't as bad as it was a few weeks ago. I just pee frequently and have been having off and on trouble sleeping (like every other or every 2 nights I wake up in the middle of the night). And my swelling, although there, is SO much better than when it was hot outside.

I have occasional reflux as well.

Maternity clothes: I am at the point where one of my maternity athletic leggings are too tight for me!'s definitely the end. Otherwise, only having a few wardrobe items to choose from when packing for the holiday or choosing what to wear is actually nice...not as much stress on "I have nothing to wear". 

Baby prep: It's all done, baby! I even hired a really good house cleaner (finally!) who came on Monday and made my house all clean! My biggest challenge of the week has been making sure the clean is preserved till we get home from the hospital! The nursery is complete, the freezer meals have been cooked, the car seat is in the car, the hospital bag by the door, and the house stocked with some essentials. There is nothing left but to wait! 

Essentials right now: water, my Snoogle, occasionally Prilosec, Red Raspberry tea (tones the cervix to make labor faster...hahah! stay tuned for more on that...). 

My to-do list for the next few weeks: well, my to- do list for the next few days is to enjoy Christmas with my family and be on spontaneous labor watch. And the next few weeks? Well figure out life with a newborn! Ha! 

What is in my hospital bag? Alright so I am posting this not so people can tell me "you won't need that", but to have a record of what I did pack so I can go back and let you know what I found most helpful for the future and for others planning this as well. I have one bag packed and if I don't use a certain item, or 5, then so be it!

For me:
-black lightweight Jersey robe
-black pjs from Target- this Ribbed Henley Top and matching shorts
-black yoga pants
-two plain t-shirts
-this very comfortable nursing bra
-two nursing tanks (one to wear home under a zip up)
-this Aerie Sweatshirt- which is SO cozy and currently only $25!!- to wear home
-these cozy Aerie Pom Pom Socks
-black leggings to wear home
-two pairs large brief undies, although I hear hospital net underwear is all the rage
-toiletries, including breastfeeding cream and pads, chapstick, shampoo, conditioner, soap, face wash, deodorant, toothbrush and paste
-snacks: a few Kind bars, a bag of peanut butter filled pretzels, and gummy bears and Twizzlers (my husband's favorite)
-long cell phone charger
-cheap black Old Navy flip flops
-my camera

(our hospital provides things like pads, ice packs, peri bottles, etc, so I won't bring those. Also, I hear many people say they never used their nursing pillow in the hospital, so also leaving that home)

For baby:
-a footed onesie for going home (L'oved Baby) 
-extra onesie and pants in case I can't decide
-a pair of socks, mittens, and knitted booties
-a Hannah Anderson bonnet
-a knit hat from my mom
-a quilted one piece down suit from Gap...SO CUTE!
-a swaddle (mostly for pictures, as I know the hospital will provide these as well)
-his UPPABaby Mesa Car Seat and this JJ Cole Bundle Me are in the car

and for my husband...he hasn't even packed yet so I am not even going to bother with that! :)

Alright, wish me luck! And someone please provide written instructions on how to have a care for a baby and mail them to me. I think I might need that.

Merry Christmas!

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