Saturday, November 18, 2017

Pregnancy: Week 32 Update

Photo by Emily Troutman of Emily Troutman Photography

Month/Trimester: As of Saturday, November 11, 2017, I was 32 weeks! Third trimester!

Baby name: we have it all picked out, but don't want to share till he's here! 

Belly: Wait, I still have 8 more weeks with this thing? Remember that time around 18 weeks where I was like 'I can't wait to look pregnant', well I should have savored every moment of that. Just kidding, it's not terrible, but as the belly grows, the back, leg, and hip discomfort grows, which is tolerable but can be uncomfortable at times. Overall, I like looking pregnant! 

Movement: He is a crazy little guy! Moving all the time- kick counts are not a problem here! I love when all the sudden my belly goes in two different directions at once with his butt pushing out on one side and his feet on the other. It cracks me up! I compare it to the movie Flubber. Or all the sudden a huge bump protrudes out and I know it's his butt pushing! This is really the fun stage where you feel closer to this child growing inside of you and its movements almost give him a personality already! 

Symptoms: I still have ankle, lower leg, and foot swelling, but the colder weather has definitely helped keep it less than it was. Around week 29-30 I had a midwife appointment where my blood pressure was just at the borderline of being worrisome- 140/78. My appt was at 7am, so they had me go into work and get blood and urine tests (luckily I work at a hospital/outpatient building) and then recheck it around noon. When I rechecked, it was even higher, so at their recommendation I headed down to my hospital (it's the same health system I work at, but the nicer maternity spot is at the other end of town closer to home) and was checked into their PETU (prenatal emergency room) for monitoring. Of course, all three times they checked me, my BP was well below the original readings that morning and everything was fine! They are having me see doctors from here on out, but everything is normal and I do not have gestational hypertension at this time. 
I also had a Fetal Growth Scan as an extra check on the baby last week and he is already in the 84th percentile at 4lbs, 10oz!! No concern for a small baby there:)

Other than that, I am starting to have more achy legs and hips, especially when I wake up in the morning. Sleeping hasn't been a problem, but I am working on sleep positioning to decrease this pain. My back has been fine unless I do a lot of housework for an extended period of time. 

The skin issues are probably the funniest to me- skin tags. yuck! 

Sleep: I pretty much addressed this above. It hasn't been bad for me which I am really thankful for. My Snoogle continues to be very comfortable to sleep with! 

Maternity clothes: Clothing is working out great. It's starting to get colder and I can't close my coat and refuse to buy a maternity coat for 8 weeks so I plan to bundle up! The shoes are the bigger concern- I might be wearing a dress and UGGs to Christmas dinner haha! 

Baby prep: I am going to post a third trimester checklist in a few days- things I have been accomplishing in the past few weeks in preparation. Some of them include: final decorations in the nursery, washing all the baby clothes and linens, prepping some freezer meals (I actually did it!!), making lactation cookie dough (ha!!), getting my hospital bag ready, and since we are approaching the holidays- getting all my Christmas shopping and wrapping done really early! I also was so excited to get the ok from my husband to hire a cleaning lady for a few visits before baby and I found a "good" one who came for the first time on Saturday morning! My mom, sister, and I were out for massages (using a gift card from last Christmas) and I was SO looking forward to coming home to a clean house so I could kick my feet up and light some candles (my husband was also out of town for the weekend, soooo you knoooowww....some peace and quiet hehe). Well, when we got home, 90% of the house was still completely untouched!! She spent 3 hours just cleaning the bathrooms. I was seeing red for about 3 hours after that. My Mom so very graciously came back to my house to help me clean the rest of the house which only took us an hour! I know, first world problems, but when you expect something to be done, it kind of sucks when it's not! 

In the past few weeks, I have also sterilized all our bottles, breast pump pieces, and pacifiers, finished all baby shower thank- you notes, use my registry completion discounts to purchase all remaining postpartum supplies, and made sure all smoke detectors had new batteries! 

Oh and on October 21 (week 29), my sister and parents threw us a baby shower (click link to see her post about it)! It was "co-ed", as we wanted everyone special in our life to be there to celebrate the new chapter Les and I are about to embark on. It was such an amazing time and we felt SO loved. We received nearly everything on our registry for the new baby and walked away feeling overwhelmingly blessed. My family did an amazing job decorating and preparing the day for us. It was "under the sea" themed, but in a way that was perfectly my style- neutrals, pom poms, yet adorable:) I am so thankful for my sister and parents and all the work they put in to make that day so special for Les and I and I cannot wait for them to become grandparents/aunt! 

Essentials right now: water, my Snoogle, my desk fan at work (I am always hot!), chocolate milk and orange juice (current cravings)

My to-do list for the next few weeks: put the car seat in the car (we are traveling to Cape Cod for Thanksgiving in a week, so plan to have this and our hospital bags with us just in case!), prep 1-2 more freezer meals, stock up on some household supplies, and take our "Baby Care Basics" class at the hospital. 

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