Monday, October 16, 2017

Pregnancy: Week 28 update

Month/Trimester: As of Saturday, October 14, I am 28 weeks and starting my third trimester! According to the Bump app, baby boy is the size of an eggplant: about 2.2 lbs and 14 inches long! 

Baby name: we have it all picked out, but don't want to share till he's here! 

Belly: Growing! I remember several weeks back I had a week where I felt a huge belly growth spurt and it took everything out of me. I haven't had that since then, so I guess it's just a steady growth now or maybe I am in for a big surprise. I have some stretch marks despite daily polishing of the bowling ball with Burt's Bees Mama Belly Butter and putting Collagen Peptides in my smoothies most of the pregnancy (gives more elasticity to your skin!) - I am a little bummed about this. 

Movement: He moves like crazy! Some days more than others but I have definitely noticed a routine. It's so weird when you can feel an actual limb brush up against your insides! I am now trying to do my "kick counts". I think he was hiccuping this morning as the movement was very rhythmic! Such a funny thing! I love when he kicks so hard that my arm or hand bounces off my belly. 

Symptoms: Ankle and foot swelling! this definitely seems to be "my symptom", although I think now that the heat is turning into more fall weather, it hasn't been as bad over the past few days. This is also causing my legs to be very achy and sometimes my lower back. I wear compression socks religiously, drink a lot of water, almost have no salt in my diet, elevate my legs nightly, and try to sleep on my left side as much as possible, but after sitting most of the day at work, I inevitably have cankles. My fatigue is also returning- I notice that by the time I get home from work, I am pooped. I am really glad I worked hard during my second trimester to check everything off my pre-baby to-do list, because there's no way I would be doing it now. 
I think skin things are another weird symptom: skin tags (yuck!), some breakouts on randomly my shoulders- fun fun. 

Cravings: I craved brownies last week. I think I should probably move on from that craving though haha 

Aversions: no aversions! I am glad to be back to meal prepping on Sunday nights with lunches that have actual veggies in them:) 

Sleep: I have finally reached the point of LOVING my Snoogle. First trimester, I didn't like it. Second trimester, it was growing on me. But now...I think it is my sleep buddy for life. I have not had any issues sleeping recently- I had some of this first trimester, but have been very careful about maintaining a consistent sleep schedule, drinking chamomile tea before bed most nights, reducing screen time before bed, using guided meditation when needed, not napping during the day (which I don't usually do anyways, but yesterday- Sunday- I did and I suffered last night as a result), and taking my daily Magnesium supplement. I only wake up once per night around 3-5am to use the bathroom, but this is only if I drink too much water before bed, which I am trying to limit. 

Maternity clothes: Still loving them. It was so hot here in Philly for a while- mid 70s to 80s daily with 80-90% humidity. I bought a bunch of cooler-weather maternity clothing thinking it would be fall weather sooner but so far, it's still borderline. Thank goodness for my birkenstocks though, because if it was cold, I literally am not sure what would be fitting on my feet, which is reassuring as we enter November and December...not. My poor beautiful clogs I got last year will have to be dusted off for the spring :(

Baby prep: I got my breast pump in the mail a few weeks ago! It was free with my insurance, but I opted to pay a bit extra for an upgrade at the recommendation of some coworkers. I just started the FMLA maternity leave process- shooting to take the full 12 weeks. I am really glad Les' company provides 3 weeks as well for paternity leave! The nursery is still mostly finished- Les and his dad will be setting up the crib this weekend when his parent's visit town. I had my glucose test this morning and I am crossing my fingers that I pass- I think this made me the most nervous out of everything so far. The drink was actually not bad at all though! 
We have a breastfeeding class this week and a Baby Care Basics class in a few weeks, which I am really excited about! Les got his TDAP vaccine last week (a highly recommended vaccine for those who will be around baby a lot) and I will have mine next week...and we both got our flu shots! 

Essentials right now: water, pillows for foot elevation, my Snoogle, an early bedtime, taking it VERY easy. 

My to-do list for the next few weeks: begin to prep some meals to put in the freezer for when baby comes, continue to stock up on some household/personal care essentials so we don't have to worry about running out of toilet paper with baby here, look forward to my baby shower coming up very soon, definitely making lactation cookie dough to freeze (don't even know what that is, don't even care- but the word cookie is in there, so I am down). 

And a little further down the line: set up baby things, wash baby clothes (that detergent though- so much money!), put car seat in the car, pack a hospital bag! Things are getting real:)

Birth Plan: I am not a birth plan kind of girl. My plan? Get the baby out in the fastest, safest, and most painless way possible. That's all. 


  1. lol - love your birth plan! That's my kind of practicality :)

  2. This is such a great post. Thanks for sharing this.


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