Monday, October 16, 2017

Pregnancy: Week 28 update

Month/Trimester: As of Saturday, October 14, I am 28 weeks and starting my third trimester! According to the Bump app, baby boy is the size of an eggplant: about 2.2 lbs and 14 inches long! 

Baby name: we have it all picked out, but don't want to share till he's here! 

Belly: Growing! I remember several weeks back I had a week where I felt a huge belly growth spurt and it took everything out of me. I haven't had that since then, so I guess it's just a steady growth now or maybe I am in for a big surprise. I have some stretch marks despite daily polishing of the bowling ball with Burt's Bees Mama Belly Butter and putting Collagen Peptides in my smoothies most of the pregnancy (gives more elasticity to your skin!) - I am a little bummed about this. 

Movement: He moves like crazy! Some days more than others but I have definitely noticed a routine. It's so weird when you can feel an actual limb brush up against your insides! I am now trying to do my "kick counts". I think he was hiccuping this morning as the movement was very rhythmic! Such a funny thing! I love when he kicks so hard that my arm or hand bounces off my belly. 

Symptoms: Ankle and foot swelling! this definitely seems to be "my symptom", although I think now that the heat is turning into more fall weather, it hasn't been as bad over the past few days. This is also causing my legs to be very achy and sometimes my lower back. I wear compression socks religiously, drink a lot of water, almost have no salt in my diet, elevate my legs nightly, and try to sleep on my left side as much as possible, but after sitting most of the day at work, I inevitably have cankles. My fatigue is also returning- I notice that by the time I get home from work, I am pooped. I am really glad I worked hard during my second trimester to check everything off my pre-baby to-do list, because there's no way I would be doing it now. 
I think skin things are another weird symptom: skin tags (yuck!), some breakouts on randomly my shoulders- fun fun. 

Cravings: I craved brownies last week. I think I should probably move on from that craving though haha 

Aversions: no aversions! I am glad to be back to meal prepping on Sunday nights with lunches that have actual veggies in them:) 

Sleep: I have finally reached the point of LOVING my Snoogle. First trimester, I didn't like it. Second trimester, it was growing on me. But now...I think it is my sleep buddy for life. I have not had any issues sleeping recently- I had some of this first trimester, but have been very careful about maintaining a consistent sleep schedule, drinking chamomile tea before bed most nights, reducing screen time before bed, using guided meditation when needed, not napping during the day (which I don't usually do anyways, but yesterday- Sunday- I did and I suffered last night as a result), and taking my daily Magnesium supplement. I only wake up once per night around 3-5am to use the bathroom, but this is only if I drink too much water before bed, which I am trying to limit. 

Maternity clothes: Still loving them. It was so hot here in Philly for a while- mid 70s to 80s daily with 80-90% humidity. I bought a bunch of cooler-weather maternity clothing thinking it would be fall weather sooner but so far, it's still borderline. Thank goodness for my birkenstocks though, because if it was cold, I literally am not sure what would be fitting on my feet, which is reassuring as we enter November and December...not. My poor beautiful clogs I got last year will have to be dusted off for the spring :(

Baby prep: I got my breast pump in the mail a few weeks ago! It was free with my insurance, but I opted to pay a bit extra for an upgrade at the recommendation of some coworkers. I just started the FMLA maternity leave process- shooting to take the full 12 weeks. I am really glad Les' company provides 3 weeks as well for paternity leave! The nursery is still mostly finished- Les and his dad will be setting up the crib this weekend when his parent's visit town. I had my glucose test this morning and I am crossing my fingers that I pass- I think this made me the most nervous out of everything so far. The drink was actually not bad at all though! 
We have a breastfeeding class this week and a Baby Care Basics class in a few weeks, which I am really excited about! Les got his TDAP vaccine last week (a highly recommended vaccine for those who will be around baby a lot) and I will have mine next week...and we both got our flu shots! 

Essentials right now: water, pillows for foot elevation, my Snoogle, an early bedtime, taking it VERY easy. 

My to-do list for the next few weeks: begin to prep some meals to put in the freezer for when baby comes, continue to stock up on some household/personal care essentials so we don't have to worry about running out of toilet paper with baby here, look forward to my baby shower coming up very soon, definitely making lactation cookie dough to freeze (don't even know what that is, don't even care- but the word cookie is in there, so I am down). 

And a little further down the line: set up baby things, wash baby clothes (that detergent though- so much money!), put car seat in the car, pack a hospital bag! Things are getting real:)

Birth Plan: I am not a birth plan kind of girl. My plan? Get the baby out in the fastest, safest, and most painless way possible. That's all. 

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Part 1: Our Trip to Monterey, California

In mid-August 2017, we took a week-long trip to California to visit the Monterey and Los Angeles areas. It was a trip that we had planned to do prior to finding out we were pregnant, but then ended up being a 'babymoon' of sorts (it landed on my 20th week). We were hesitant to go at first, as we knew spending that amount of money before expecting a baby could be rough on the budget, but we knew if we didn't go now, who knows when our next chance would be. Ever since I met Les 8+ years ago, he has talked about California and his time living in Monterey and how he has always wanted to take me back. In his early days in the U.S. Air Force about 10 years ago, he lived and attended school at the Presidio of Monterey Language Training Institute for about 6 months studying Spanish. His stories always revolved around young man shenanigans, as he turned 21 during his time there, but it was obvious that Monterey has quite a bit more to offer than local delis and the 'best liquor store in town'. I am very glad we went on this trip, despite dealing with a growing belly and post-flight swollen ankles! I wanted to share a few highlights of our time there, beginning with our time north. My next post will focus on the second half of our trip in LA.

                We had a family photo session with Molly Hansen Photography at Point Lobos Park. 

We flew into San Jose airport on Saturday, August 19th and had a one-hour drive to our bed & breakfast in Pacific Grove, a small town next to Monterey. The drive was truly beautiful- my favorite part being the contrast in the landscape from mountains in the background to more desert-like foliage along the road and then the Cypress trees. We passed many fields and beautiful ranches. Our first stop, after dropping our bags at the B&B was the Monterey Aquarium. We met our friends from Philadelphia there, whose trip to CA happened to overlap with ours, and spent a few hours enjoying the aquatic life. The rest of Monterey seemed to be very touristy, with Cannary Row and the Fisherman's Wharf, which we did not end up doing. I was glad we were staying in the more quiet and eclectic Pacific Grove at a beautiful Victorian bed and breakfast called the Green Gables Inn. I highly recommend this inn to anyone visiting the area. It is not trendy or hip by any means, but offers the most peaceful, relaxing, and romantic stay with daily homemade breakfast, afternoon cheese and wine, and homemade cookies! The best part was that it was across the street from the water, so when we looked out the window from our balcony room, we could see the ocean with otters floating on their backs and the sea lions laying on rocks.

Here are some of the bullet point highlights of the rest of our time, so I don't bore you with the paragraphs...

-Watching the sunset at Spanish Bay: this was beautiful! The weather was very crazy when we were in Monterey- in the morning it was very cool (60s) and hazy, but by the afternoon it became hot (70-80s) and bright sunny- we didn't stand a chance of seeing the solar eclipse. Most of the evenings turned more hazy again so we didn't have a great sunset view, but the glow of the sun off the water along the coast was worth it all.

-17-Mile Drive: if you don't have much time in Monterey, I would say you could skip this. It cost $10 to get into the area of the drive (I think it is managed by the National Park Service) and you follow a self-guided driving tour. The only stop that I found worth the time was Bird Island- a HUGE rock about 200 feet out off the coast that was COVERED with over a hundred sea lions. The site was funny to watch...and hear them barking.

-Pacific Coast Highway to Big Sur: at the time of our visit, Big Sur was still closed due to the landslide that happened some time before, but the long drive toward it is breathtaking. Les absolutely loved this drive, where you could stop at multiple points to take photos or climb down rocky cliffs onto beaches, etc. This was worth every moment and I only wished I had known to wear hiking gear that day...and maybe not have been 20 weeks pregnant...otherwise, we could have spent all day hiking up and down to catch the views. We also passed the iconic Bixby Bridge (a site you would know if you watched HBO's Big Little Lies).

-Touching the Pacific Ocean: this was my first time in CA since I was a baby, so it was pretty exciting to check this off my bucketlist.

-Carmel-by-the-Sea: a more upscale small town near Monterey full of art galleries and the "higher-end" crowd. We spent a morning walking around here looking in the stores. A lot of the homes in the area have a very dutch-style to them, but very gorgeous.

-Campagnos Deli- I couldn't leave this out because it was probably the main reason Les wanted to return to Monterey. This was a deli he frequented while there and is owned by a guy who has a strong passion for the military and all the men and women stationed in the area who serve. We had sandwiches here and I have to say, it was well worth it. The HUGE slice of peanut butter chocolate cake we had on the house after was even better.

-Carmel: different than Carmel-by-the-Sea. A very small town in a valley between mountains, full of wineries and beautiful ranches. Our photographer told us about this on our last night there after our photo shoot and we wished we could have found it sooner. We went to dinner at an Italian place with delicious rustic pizzas. The scenery and beauty of the town was perfect. If we ever go back, I wish we could stay in one of the ranches! '

-Point Lobos Park: this is where our photo shoot took place and it is another thing that I wish we had discovered earlier. We would have loved to spend half a day hiking through- the scenery is nothing you can capture in photos- it is simply breathtaking.

I am very glad we started our trip in this area. The first day of traveling was so exhausting that the ability to have a laid back first few days in a quiet little town was much appreciated. We were able to take the days slow, spending mornings sitting drinking coffee in robes and taking in as much of the "quiet" as we could. I think compared to LA, northern CA ended up being much more our speed and taste.

A few more photos from our shoot with the very-talented Molly Hansen. Thank you, Molly! These are special memories we will treasure for a long time!

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