Monday, September 11, 2017

Pregnancy: Week 23 and counting...

Welcome to week 23 of my first pregnancy! I wanted to stop in again and post a bit about my progress so far, how I am feeling, etc for all those interested viewers out there. We just had our 20-week anatomy ultrasound two weeks ago and it was so amazing to be able to finally see a baby-looking version of our little boy! I am already so in love with this little child and feel like I am beginning to count the moments until we get to meet him! Here are a few updates...

Month/Trimester: Week 23/month 6- second trimester

Belly: definitely "popped out"! I think this happened on day 1 of week 20 exactly! My pants definitely were not fitting well prior to that, but now there's no denying that I am pregnant! I enjoy being out of the "she ate too much for lunch" stage and on to the "she might actually have something going on in there" stage. Actually now people are giving up their seats on the bus to me, which is pretty sweet.

Movement: I have been feeling those baby flutters for about 4 weeks now! He was the most active during the finale of Game of Thrones- odd. It is such a weird feeling and at first you're not really sure if it's gas or a muscle spasm tbh but now that I know it's the baby moving, I love it. I am starting to notice his patterns now.

Symptoms: The back pain I was experiencing around week 18-19 has improved a lot after seeing a chiropractor. Definitely make sure to have a good bra if you are pregnant! Some stretch marks are happening (embracing it). Energy is relatively normal at this point, but I can feel a huge difference when the baby is having (what I assume is) a growth spurt. The swelling in my ankles when I got off a 5-hour flight 2 weeks ago was out of control. I wore compression stockings, got up and walked a bunch, drank a lot of water but that did not stop me from having 85 yo congestive heart failure ankles. I had a crease. Around my ankle. ok? Definitely don't sit for long periods of time without propping your feet and drinking a lot of fluid.

Cravings: Nothing crazy, but I still have my sweet tooth intact! I think the pregnancy/pickle myth is true though- I have thought about pickles an unnatural amount of times the past few months. For a few weeks I was craving all the fruit so it's a good thing it's summer now. I am trying to behave really well now that the first trimester carb cravings have died down and as I look forward to hungry hippo third trimester.

Aversions: my aversion to veggies has gone away after the first trimester so I am back to eating more greens...thank goodness! Nothing else is bothering me at this point.

Sleep: I bought a Snoogle and at first it was too bulky, but I have been adjusting to it. It's also good for foot elevation when you aren't sleeping. I wouldn't say I "swear by it" yet, but I can see why people do. I think at this point a pillow behind my back to act as a back-sleeping-preventer is also fine. Last week I had to sleep on the couch a few times because it has more "give' than my mattress and I think my belly/baby was having a growth spurt so I needed all the comfort I could get in order to actually sleep through the night. Also- guided meditation for sleep and chamomile tea.

Maternity clothes: yep, have them and actually love them. My go-to place is Gap as they always have a sale going- their shirts are real soft. I like the full belly band pants, but they stretch out fast on my jeans so I definitely will have to wash/dry them between each wear to prevent them falling down all the time. The Motherhood Maternity leggings are nice (although see-through) and I love the Gap maternity workout leggings I just got. And getting maternity scrubs, which I wear to work daily, was the best thing I have done. Comfort is key.

Exercise: Let's say it hasn't been a "fit pregnancy" but I am incorporating as much walking, and occasional swimming, as I can. Ugh I was just so tiredddd for the longest time.

What I am missing: RUNNY EGGS and more COFFEE! I really just want a littleee bit of coffee in the afternoon but usually my morning cup caps out my caffeine limit for the day. Counting down the days till I can drink a Venti...I mean, till I have a baby. Oh and Lox- on a bagel- with cream cheese and a juicy Jersey tomato. Gosh come onnnn. Someone better bring me this post-delivery.

Baby prep: We have a crib and plenty of baby books and clothes so far! We also have wallpaper for the nursery and some other smaller decor items (of course decor is coming first!) This week is the kick-off of the first big projects for the room- wallpapering, new flush mount light fixture, painting the non-wallpaper walls, and patching up any holes, etc. Still working on finding a rug and dresser. My husband will put up the crib in the next month and we have a chair ordered.

Baby name: we have it all picked out, but don't want to share till he's here! It's sooo cute though.

Currently working on: gathering all the must-haves for my registry and trying to think about prepping and freezing ready-to-go meals to have available when baby arrives and wondering if I will actually get around to doing that (has anyone else done that?) Last night I made a week-by-week list of things I would like to accomplish so I can pace myself but have it all done! I am excited to be able to look ahead in that way.

Essentials right now: my water bottle, my prenatal vitamins, coconut oil to hopefully reduce stretch marks, compression socks daily, Magnesium and chamomile tea for nights I have trouble getting to sleep, prune juice (oh yes).

Highlight moments: this past weekend I spent a long day at a conference sitting down and by 9pm, my ankles were quite rounded out, so my husband, mom, and sister all worked together to put compression socks on my feet and I was in hysterics watching the whole thing and them breaking a sweat doing it. True love.

That's a wrap for now! Thanks for reading through. Have a great day!

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