Wednesday, November 16, 2016

DIY Drop Cloth Curtains

Itttttt's the holiday season! And I have guests coming to our little row home for Thanksgiving! My in-laws will be joining us for Turkey day, so it was time I put some curtains up in the guest room and make the place just a little more cozy for them. Honestly, I usually go to Ikea for such things. Cheap, easy to hang, won't regret spending $100 on sheets of fabric that end up getting dirty and replaced anyways in my non-forever home. This time though, I decided to try something different...

Drop cloth curtains! I seem to have a thing for drop cloth, as this isn't my first rodeo with it (I made a couch slip cover in the spring!). For $13 per 6'x9' sheet, it is the perfect price and the coloring is the exact shade of beige that I would want if I purchased more expensive linen curtains! These cloths had a seam horizontally across the middle, which was a little detail I actually really like. All I had to do was fold over a roughly 4-5" piece at the top, sew a straight line across, and hang on my (Ikea!) rods!
I didn't hem them because I like the "puddled" look, but that could obviously be done if you preferred something only brushing the floor. This project took me no longer than 10 minutes and cost $26 dollars (or more like $45 if you need rods, too). To me, curtains are one of those things I hate spending money on so keeping the cost low was great. And it also helps when convincing a husband that you NEED to do this project NOW.

I hope this post inspires your low-budget, easy- DIY-that-you-can't-fail selves! Thanks for stopping by!

The photo below is not related to drop-cloth curtains, but I really wanted to show you this great antique hand I found at a local shop. Isn't it quite unique?

I am not even sure why I liked it enough to go back to the shop a second time just to purchase it. But now I have it.

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