Wednesday, November 16, 2016

DIY Drop Cloth Curtains

Itttttt's the holiday season! And I have guests coming to our little row home for Thanksgiving! My in-laws will be joining us for Turkey day, so it was time I put some curtains up in the guest room and make the place just a little more cozy for them. Honestly, I usually go to Ikea for such things. Cheap, easy to hang, won't regret spending $100 on sheets of fabric that end up getting dirty and replaced anyways in my non-forever home. This time though, I decided to try something different...

Drop cloth curtains! I seem to have a thing for drop cloth, as this isn't my first rodeo with it (I made a couch slip cover in the spring!). For $13 per 6'x9' sheet, it is the perfect price and the coloring is the exact shade of beige that I would want if I purchased more expensive linen curtains! These cloths had a seam horizontally across the middle, which was a little detail I actually really like. All I had to do was fold over a roughly 4-5" piece at the top, sew a straight line across, and hang on my (Ikea!) rods!
I didn't hem them because I like the "puddled" look, but that could obviously be done if you preferred something only brushing the floor. This project took me no longer than 10 minutes and cost $26 dollars (or more like $45 if you need rods, too). To me, curtains are one of those things I hate spending money on so keeping the cost low was great. And it also helps when convincing a husband that you NEED to do this project NOW.

I hope this post inspires your low-budget, easy- DIY-that-you-can't-fail selves! Thanks for stopping by!

The photo below is not related to drop-cloth curtains, but I really wanted to show you this great antique hand I found at a local shop. Isn't it quite unique?

I am not even sure why I liked it enough to go back to the shop a second time just to purchase it. But now I have it.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Camp Wandawega 2016

In August 2016, my parents, sister, sister's boyfriend, my husband, and I ventured to the Midwest for a week of travel through Chicago, Milwaukee, and then landing at Camp Wandawega. I have a cool mom who discovers such places like Camp Wandawega before my sister and I do half the time, so she gifted us the trip last Christmas. As a very non-camping family, we weren't sure what to expect (there were a lot of wide wondering eyes under the Christmas tree). I mean, it IS essentially glamping, but nevertheless, in the woods...with frogs...and darkness...and know. After arriving, it wasn't long before we realized we just might make it. We stayed in the top bunkhouse- a former hotel when the camp was a brothel (for mobsters! yikes!) and then dorm rooms when it later turned into a Latvian Catholic summer camp. The bunkhouse was complete with a small kitchen (all vintage kitchenware, fridge, sink, coffee cups, etc), a long hallway with hooks along it where cozy wool plaid blankets hung, and a parlor at the far end overlooking Lake Wandawega that was decorated in a mid century modern/60s look- see the photo of Abe Lincoln above our bar for more reference. Theresa and David, the camp's owners, who both have booming careers in marketing/branding (think Dove, Mrs. Meyer's), took over the camp in 2003 and over the years have transformed it into the perfect vintage adult summer camp. It is used frequently for company retreats (Free People, Shinola, Anthro, Land of Nod, etc) but obviously also for your adventuring family, such as us. There is a basketball court, tennis court, archery, hatchet throwing, ping-pong tables, and a lake with canoes and paddleboats. We took advantage of every aforementioned activity more than once. We had a bonfire every night- rotating between the three offered fire pits. S'mores were always on the menu, pancakes on the outdoor griddle in the mornings, and even a Pinterest fail (chicken and veggies in foil packets above the open fire. aka charcoal- good thing the nearby pizza joint was still open). We ate hors devours on the deck of the tree house and had "docktails" on one of the floating docks in the lake not once, but twice (ie cocktails on the dock- my sister coined this now-popular phrase). The last night, after concluding docktails, we all jumped off the dock into the weedy lake with our clothes on. Thank goodness my sister's boyfriend was able to taxi (canoe) the snacks and cups back to the shore. It was a simple moment, yet one I will never forget. We took every advantage for quiet moments of reading, napping, and enjoying the solitude of being in the woods and away from life!

Here I have several photos of our experience at Camp and the various scenes and vignettes that stole my heart. They will never truly capture how fun the experience was or how amazing the atmosphere of the Camp was or the moments we could share as a family, but I hope you enjoy.

***Disclaimer: These are all iPhone photos. Bear with the quality:)

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