Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Why do I bother? Thoughts on Keeping My Home.

Cleaning, organizing, and decorating my home gives me joy. That's the real reason I devote so much time to it and why I post photos on Instagram daily. It truly gives me a "fill" to know I am going to bed each night and the bedroom doesn't have clothes strewn about and the kitchen counter isn't filthy. Some people love socializing, some love writing or reading, some pursue art, and others exercise (ok I do this too...sometimes....). Decorating my home is a passion of mine that was inspired by my mom, who always lived by the same mentality. When we were all sitting enjoying a cup of coffee or glass of wine, she was always still 5 steps behind in the kitchen making sure the counters were wiped. But why? Why do we do this?

Author Sarah Mae wrote a beautiful devotional for Proverbs 31 Ministries today entitled "The Good Work of Home Work". She described a visit to a mentor's house, complete with flowers and chocolate at the bedside and a hand written note by her pillow. This extra attention to detail wasn't necessary. It didn't make or break her trip, but it it made her want to be the person who "takes the time to make the ordinary into something beautiful". She goes on to explain that God has entrusted her lives in her own home; her husband, children, and anyone else who enters the front door. She has the same opportunity, as we all do, to "carve out a space where love takes root and grows...where character is forged, humility is nurtured, and holiness has a place to grow". It is the opportunity to take the mundane...the scrubbing of floors, the flipping of laundry, and ironing of your husband's shirt...and give it purpose. When we look at this work as the opportunity to glorify God and provide a home that could bring others closer to His heart, we turn it into something so much more.

Sometimes I hear people say to me "oh just wait until you have kids" and that is fine. I understand that kids bring a whole new dynamic into a mostly white/neutral colored, clean home. I know I won't have the same time to dedicate to decorating when I have kids as compared to now. I don't know what it's like to have children and I can't wait for the day when I get to find out! But for now, this is my gift and it is one that truly makes me feel content. I have had the opportunity to lead a small group in my home over the past year and I like to be able to make my home inviting and comfortable for this purpose. I like to keep it clean for my husband (although I have to give him credit for keeping the dirty dishes out of the sink...that is one area that I am NOT gifted in). I do this because it is my passion and my hobby. I will still put as much effort in when I have children and get older. My Mom and Dad always put so much effort into their home so that their children always had a safe and inviting place to come back to. They knew one day that my sister and I would marry and have families of our own and we would always feel welcome to sit in the "big room" in the center of their house and just enjoy life together. I want the same thing out of my space. I dream of someday having the same opportunity and I believe that is one of the most important things...that love is in the details. That the work I put into my home has eternal purpose. And this is why I bother.

If you did not already see my home featured on Curbed Philly yesterday, please go take a look! It was so much fun to take part in this opportunity. I had literally hours to clean up my house and re-decorate it after it had been ripped up into shambles with a bathroom renovation and other updates. I honestly wasn't sure if I would get it done in time, but I did and I am really pleased with how things turned out. There's always room to be critical and trust me, I am...but I am thankful for all that God has provided me with and the opportunities He places in our path.

Thanks as always for following my journey! I love you all!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

A Very Springy Living Room

It's March 17th, St. Patty's Day, and I can smell spring in the air! I had the opportunity for a fun little photo shoot at my house last week, which ended up being awesome for more than the obvious reason. Last Monday my house looked like a bomb went off and a tornado went through all on the same day. Dust on top of dust EVERYWHERE from our bathroom renovation, a toilet sitting in the middle of the bedroom, and every other room was just in shambles. But with a deadline to get it all cleaned up and redecorated by Friday morning at 10am, I came home every night from work and cleaned away. It was like extreme makeover: home edition. So it was really awesome to have a deadline to get the place cleaned, otherwise it would probably still be a wreck. Secondly, I had the excuse to buy a lot of fresh flowers. It all worked out pretty well. I am trying to be better about keeping the house picked up every night before I go to bed, rather than let it all pile up and then have to do mass cleanings every few weeks. It makes things so much easier to put them back in their proper places right away. Can anyone tell I read the Konmari Method book?

Anyways, here are a few snaps of my living room from this past week. I have seriously fallen in love with the bottom floor of my house as it really defines my style and has come together in such a nice way. I have to thank my Mom for helping me find the cool church pew and diy-ing the chandelier! Will post more about the chandelier later!

Have a great day!

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