Sunday, January 24, 2016

Defining My Style

Here's my problem: when I find something I like at a flea market, antique store, or Home Goods, I just buy it. I know, doesn't really sound like a problem, right? Well, you're probably thinking I am about to start talking about my spending habits (ok...which are a problem...) but what I really want to discuss is how it's really hard to just pick one style sometimes. When I lived at home with my parents before I got married, we went to flea markets and I grew to love the antique stores so I would collect treasures from those and I didn't really have much sense of style in my little bedroom because, well, it was one room and that's all my mind was focused on. Then when we got married, I had this time period when I started liking a more contemporary, all white with some gold kind of style, so all my antiques and junk were dead to me. I made a few purchases that I look back on and regret, but luckily we were on a super strict budget so I couldn't have made any huge mistakes even if I wanted. Then over the past year or so I realized that trend really did not bring me joy, so I turned back around and brought the antiques back out of the basement. I dusted them off and redecorated. Being on Instagram is really what started providing me the most style stress. There are so many amazing designers with awesome tastes. One day I wanted my house to look just like so-and-so and the next day I switched to a totally new obsession. Each purchase I made reflected something I saw online. One day I would try to make my house look like a farmhouse (....I live in the middle of the city....) and the next I wanted to be minimalistic (HAHA!) and the next I liked a more Pottery Barn look and the next I wanted to be all French countryside. It wasn't until recently that I realized how silly I was being. I spend so much time trying to choose a style but lose track of what a home really is. It's the one place that I get to make mine. Who cares if I can't define my style? My style is Allie. It's a combination of what brings me joy and if it doesn't fall into a category, who the heck cares? The journey of creating my home is my journey, not Home Good's journey, not such-and-such Insta-famous blogger's's all mine and I hope you enjoy glimpses of what brings me joy:)

Oh and I know...#firstworldproblems, but this is a blog about home decorating and the things I like so I don't feel bad being honest... :)

All this to say...I bring you my living room!

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