Wednesday, January 27, 2016

My Find of the Week

My husband is originally from southern Illinois and his family is still there, so we were out visiting two weeks ago. We had a free afternoon one day so I made them go antiquing with me! There were a few shops in their town and a few others we drove to, but just enough to keep us busy for a while. I would have to say my favorite thing to do is find one of those old barn antique stores with a bunch of disorganized junk thrown in at dirt cheap prices and just go to town hunting for some finds! We ended up finding such a place...where the whole back room was piled high with stuff and you could see your breath as you dug through because there was no heat. There was a whole section of clocks, which Les really liked...some really great dressers for next to nothing, which we couldn't exactly get home on the plane...and even this old desk where the table part is attached to the seat and then there was an old brass lamp attached to the top of that, so like everything in one! It was so great. Somebody needs that piece in their house! Wish I could have taken it home. find was these table legs. There might have been a table top that went with them, but they were ok with selling them separately. I love their character even just as stand- alone pieces or maybe someday I will learn how to craft furniture and I can make a table out of them. I have them on display in this old crate in my living room. And you know what is the best? When your husband brews his own beer and has this large jug that could be mistaken for something I would also find at an antique store, but secretly it was probably half the price and I am re-purposing for the sake of storage:) But back to the table legs...we had to package them up with bubble wrap and check them as luggage on our Southwest flight home and a guy from the tarmac had to walk all the way up to the baggage check area just to pick them up as they were deemed "poorly shaped" to go down the conveyor belt. We also bought an oar for $5 and this was also brought via nice tarmac man down to the plane.

So there is the exciting story of the table spindles and their journey to Philadelphia. I should have saved that and told it at my next party but luckily for you, you came to my blog and heard it here first.

What is the purpose of this post? To encourage you to add character to your space by using texture and adding dimension and to utilize all your resources. Is there something in your house that you thought lost its appeal and is about to join your next trip to Goodwill? Move it to another room! Put it next to some new friends and give it new life before running out to buy something new! Adding old baskets or old chippy pieces add character and can be mixed just perfectly with newer (non antiquey) pieces.
Go have fun with it!

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