Monday, February 2, 2015

The Interior Design Books You Need Now: A Review

Pinterest and Instagram are my favorite places these days for design and home decorating inspiration. There are so many "everyday" inspiring people out there and I could (ok...I do) spend all day, everyday scrolling through my IG feed and loving the ideas I come across. But I also believe nothing beats flipping the pages of a book, especially if those books also serve as visual pieces on your coffee table! The four books below are the perfect balance of inspiring imagery and well-written prose. 
1.  Black & White (and a bit in between) is a book written by interior designer Celerie Kemble ( that name...) which showcases the black and white work of top peers in her field. She provides expert advice on making this color couplet work, while adding in her own wit. I would vote this the "prettiest" book to adorn my coffee table, because yes, I do rate books by their covers. 

2. Anthology is actually a magazine. I know, I am cheating. But there are no rules in decorating, so if you like the look of something and it provides a good read, then why not line it up with the rest of the paperbacks! Anthology is based out of San Francisco and provides 120 pages of design inspiration and beauty. It's great. You should get it. 

3. The Nesting Place is actually my favorite book in this pile to pick up in read, because it's all about Myquillyn Smith's journey to realizing that a home does not have to be perfect to be beautiful. She teaches how to embrace the natural imperfection of daily living, and love it! It is such a perfect reminder for all of us as we struggle to compare ourselves and our homes to the next person! The best part of a house is making it into a home and filling it with love, family, and memories...the aesthetics are always extra! 

4. Last but not least on my current favorites list is Element Of Style by Erin Gates. It is packed with honest inspiration, advice, and lessons learned about creating a home that fits your style. It is a lot like The Nesting Place in that it teaches about the struggles of real life and coming to terms that perfection is not realistic or worth it. Erin is amazing at what she does and provides 336 pages of beautiful design inspiration. 

 I hope you have the opportunity to check out one or all of these books! Interior design books are few and far between these days, so when you find a good one, scoop it up! The internet can be a wonderful place, but having a book in your hand that you can snuggle up with on the couch is so much better! 

Ps. The candle is made by Olliver Lifestyle, a Philadelphia based company. 

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