Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Life Without Serial


...I know, I know. I am trendy, what can I say? Are all your friends talking non-stop about it? Well, I am THAT person who tells you 6 times a day you should be listening to it! I didn't even know what a podcast was before Serial (ok I sort of did, but who really gives them a chance?!). I had to watch this instructional video on the topic.

After listening to season one, I have mixed feelings. The obvious disappointment of not finding out a new verdict to the case is the major one. I just listened to almost 12 hours of Sarah Koenig speaking to find out there's still no happy ending?

Ok that aside, here are a few other questions/frustrations I would love to better understand. If you have any answers or thoughts, please share below!!

1. HOW DO THESE KIDS FORGET SO MUCH ABOUT A DAY WHERE THEIR FRIEND WAS MURDERED? I would love to have a better understanding of the exact demographics of that particular school. Were these kids so used to crime, that this was just "another day"?

2. How did Jay NOT get convicted of anything?

3. Still don't understand why Hae Lin's DNA was not tested the first time around...

Overall, Sarah does a great job of not leaving room for an emotional connection to be made between the listener and the people involved, including the convicted and suspects. I mean, you can't help but make assumptions, but she certainly doesn't make Jay look nothing by evil, nor Anon as this sweet innocent boy.

Thoughts aside, the real question is: what do we do now as we wait for Season 2?

-First, you should watch this SNL Parody
-Then there are some other stories by Sarah Koenig 

In the meantime, I will be watching The Killing on Netflix. A really...awesome...crime show....

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