Tuesday, October 28, 2014

DIY: Repainting Ceramic

Have you ever tried to repaint an already-finished piece of ceramic? It's shiny and nothing wants to stick to it? Well I found a solution! 

I spent this past Saturday working on some things in my guest room and with a low budget, decided to try my hand at repainting this ugly old ceramic lamp base that I had in the basement! I went to Lowe's to check out their options and found just what I needed to complete this project and revamp a lamp: Valspar Plastic Primer and Valspar Premium Enamel multi-purpose primer/spraypaint! (Although the colored paint contains a primer, you will need the plastic primer as well to really create a good base!) Here are the steps below: 

What you will need: 
Your ceramic product of choice 
blue painters tape
Valspar Plastic Primer
Valspar Premium Enamel in color of your choice
drop cloth


1. Find an open space outside where you can lay out your drop cloth and have ample ventilation!
2. Cover the cord of your lamp or any other area on your object that you do not want sprayed with blue painter's tape (painters tape is designed for easy removal in case you have never used it before!). 
3. Wipe down the object to remove any dust/other particles and make sure it is dry. 
4. Following instructions on the can, spray the object thoroughly with the Plastic Primer. Cover all areas. 
5. Allow primer to dry completely- this may take over an hour or more depending on object. 
6. Following the instructions on the can, now spray your object with your paint color. Cover the object completely and evenly. 
7. Allow time to dry completely. If second coat needed, apply as you did above and let dry again. 

Not so hard, right? And really, if you know how to use a spray paint can, you're really letting the product do all the work. So far the paint is sticking to my lamp quite well! It's not in a high traffic area (I mean, how often do you really touch a lamp anyways, aside from the switch), so we will see if it withstands time, but I will keep you posted! 

I also used this technique on the (non-ceramic) frame in the pictures! Never hurts to change up colors with a little spray paint! 

Stay tuned for more later where I talk about how I changed the look of this lamp shade!

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