Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Starburst Mirror DIY

I was inspired by my August issue of Country Living Magazine to make this Sunburst Mirror! It is so easy and only cost me $7! Here's how...

Gather Supplies:
-jute twine, one spool
-32 small nails
-a 12 or 14 inch round mirror
-picture hanging strips
-a ruler or yardstick

Below are the steps for a 12 inch mirror. The Country Living magazine is a lot more specific about how to measure out the spaces around the mirror between nails and how to hang the twine, but I like to freehand things, so if you need extra help, refer to their site! 

Step one: Hold the mirror up to the wall where you would like it to hang and outline the circumference with a pencil
Take it away and place it in a safe spot.
Step two: Hammer 12 nails around mirror outline, evenly spaced out
Step 2: Use yard stick to measure out 14 inches from the top nail. Mark this spot with a pencil. Going clockwise around the mirror outline, measure and mark alternating 14 inch and 10 inch lines at the positions seen in the picture. 
Step 3: tie your jute twine in a small knot around the bottom nail. Begin making the pattern seen in the picture with the twine. Once pattern is made, tie the twine to the last nail and cut off the extra. 
Step 4: Attach picture hanging strips to your mirror and hang in center

Aaaaand you will have yourself one easy to make, inexpensive mirror! 

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