Thursday, August 28, 2014

Recent Loves and Current Obsessions

These are some of the things I have shared over on Instagram lately. Follow me at @mrseisel for more daily posts! 

1. My tropical plant from IKEA is the best pop of color in my otherwise beige and neutral living room. 
(Couch and basket from Pottery Barn; Pillows and plant from IKEA; Rug from

2. These are my unfinished hack of these Anthropologie Pillows. I bought pillows from Ikea and added trim (with some hot sewing here!). I would like to add more poms for volume, so maybe I will share the tutorial when I actually complete them. 

3. I recently signed up for Birchbox and received my first box in August. It was the collaboration box with The Everygirl blog...which I LOVE by the way. The samples were fun, but I do want to receive a few more boxes before I REALLY decide if it's worth it. 

4. One of my good friends from high school who I have known since 4th grade is getting married next month so her bachelorette party took place last weekend. We went to Annapolis, MD and had a blast! My other friend and I gifted her with this Triangl Underwear set! Check out their site! The colors really are as vibrant as they look online! And she says it fits great! 

 5. Oh just a nook in my house with some white stuff, including one of my favorite Rifle Paper Co cards and my DIY abstract art. Whoa...sorry about the grainy pic. 

 6. My obsession with pom poms is real and this tunic with pom pom sleeves is pretty cool. I also love this new necklace from Jcrew. 

7. Aaaand here's the sailboat we went on in that said bachelorette party in Annapolis. It was cold and rainy but that's ok! Still beats being at home on the couch! 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Starburst Mirror DIY

I was inspired by my August issue of Country Living Magazine to make this Sunburst Mirror! It is so easy and only cost me $7! Here's how...

Gather Supplies:
-jute twine, one spool
-32 small nails
-a 12 or 14 inch round mirror
-picture hanging strips
-a ruler or yardstick

Below are the steps for a 12 inch mirror. The Country Living magazine is a lot more specific about how to measure out the spaces around the mirror between nails and how to hang the twine, but I like to freehand things, so if you need extra help, refer to their site! 

Step one: Hold the mirror up to the wall where you would like it to hang and outline the circumference with a pencil
Take it away and place it in a safe spot.
Step two: Hammer 12 nails around mirror outline, evenly spaced out
Step 2: Use yard stick to measure out 14 inches from the top nail. Mark this spot with a pencil. Going clockwise around the mirror outline, measure and mark alternating 14 inch and 10 inch lines at the positions seen in the picture. 
Step 3: tie your jute twine in a small knot around the bottom nail. Begin making the pattern seen in the picture with the twine. Once pattern is made, tie the twine to the last nail and cut off the extra. 
Step 4: Attach picture hanging strips to your mirror and hang in center

Aaaaand you will have yourself one easy to make, inexpensive mirror! 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Cool Cape May

Welcome to my favorite beach town ever... Cape May, NJ. Today I am sharing just a few scenes of my favorite places. We have been going there every summer for years now and are blessed to have a house to enjoy! Les proposed to me at Congress Hall, so that place holds a special place in my heart as well! 

One of my favorite places to shop is the West End Garage! It is an old garage/gas station that was started in 2009 and houses over 50 local vendors. You can find anything from jewelry to antiques to local peanut butter to home decor to your favorite Rifle Paper Co goods! I can't go through a whole weekend without a stop at the Garage! 

Congress Hall : my favorite hotel ever! It is America's oldest beach side resort and still carries so much of that historic charm, mixed with amazing new features. One of my favorite things to do during a weekend at the beach is grab a beet juice from the outdoor juice bar seen below! If you're lucky, you might have an Oprah and Stedman sighting at the Blue Pig Tavern. 

Exit Zero: a cute place to buy anything Cape May! Tshirts, books, prints, art, etc. 

And my favorite place to be... our new beach room...

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