Wednesday, June 25, 2014

5 Inspiring Guest Rooms

I had my first guests this past weekend at our house! My husband's parents came in to town and we had just enough time to scramble together a bed and some sheets (it wasn't really that bad- West Elm had a really good sale and I had a coupon)! Now that they have officially broken in our bed (thanks guys!), I now have more time before the next future guests (ie. we have none, so time is on my side) to make the room a bit more inviting. 
I have been perusing Pinterest for ideas that I love and gathered a few below (I do not know sources for any, as all did not have legitimate sources, but if you know where they are from, PLEASE let me know!). The theme seems to be "comfortable and inviting". They keys to a good guest room are having a place for guests to hang their clothes, or place their bags, provide adequate lighting, make the room feel like home with inviting artwork and even fresh flowers, and provide enough bedding and blankets so they feel comfortable whether cold or hot! 
Enjoy the inspiration below! 

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