Wednesday, May 14, 2014

How to Host a Craft Party

A very late post here on a fun day I had in February...

February is always that dull month with not much going on. It hits right after the buzz of Christmas and New Years and doesn't have much to offer in the celebration and party department. Well, except for Valentine's Day....and this year the olympics...ok and maybe the Superbowl. But irregardless, I decided that most Saturday mornings during this dreary winter month are dull, so what better way to liven it up but to throw a perfectly girly craft party!

Hosting a craft party is so much fun, even if you have a budget! Here are your steps...

1. Determine your craft. I decided that since Valentines Day was right around the corner, I would stick to that theme somewhat. I knew that some of the people I wanted to invite don't love crafting as much as I do, so I had to pick something that was basic enough for everyone (aka those who haven't used glitter since Kindergarten). I chose a "LOVE" banner!

2. Decide how to get your supplies. Thanks to my mom's business, I was able to obtain my cardboard backings quite easily- they were free from her shipping department (otherwise would have been thrown away)! Be resourceful and think creatively! I purchased all of the paper from a local craft store- most of which was on clearance! 

3. Create your guest list! Since I live in a smaller apartment, I had to keep it small. I had about 14 guests. It's a good manageable amount of people! 

4. Choose your decor and have fun with your place settings! I used a roll of spotted kraft wrapping paper from Target (purchased for $1) to create an easy "throw away" table runner! I placed a tray in the center of the table that held some of the craft supplies, glue, and water for the guests. I created bouquets of roses in Anthropologie monogram mugs, which were small and did not get in the way of busy crafters! And finally, each guest had their own "packet" at their seat which included their cardboard backing for the banner, their ribbon, a plate for gluing and glitter, and their letters (pre-cut).

5. Provide food for your guests. I had a spread of small sandwiches, tomato pie, and an easy salad for the guests to munch on! And for dessert- a delicious spread of donuts from a local shop (Federal Donuts, South Philadelphia) and cannolis! The food doesn't even have to be this favorite place for easy "take out of the freezer and pop in the oven" food is Trader Joes! And you don't have to even put any thought into it! 

I made those Conversation Heart Pinatas for decoration! They were so easy! 

6. Let the crafting begin!! As the host, make your rounds at the party to ensure everyone has a drink and offer any assistance that they might need. Some rookie crafters might not know how to get the glitter to stay on the paper (this is a true story), so offer your hand when needed! And make sure your vacuum is charged for post- party clean-up! Glitter loves to stick to everything!!

7. Once everyone has completed their craft, make sure you take a picture of the group with their creation! It's a great way to remember the day and see everyone's unique design!

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